We Are Now on Amazon.com!

Dread Pirate Westley Roberts TumblerGood morning!

Just a quick news report from the Humerus Wares team.  As you may have noticed, it’s been pretty quiet around here.  We’ve been pretty busy this summer and especially working hard to get our store transferred over to Amazon.com.  About a month ago, we finalized the changes and it’s been quite an adventure!

We made the switch to allow us to be more effective with what we do around here and to be able to offer faster and cheaper shipping.  It was costing about $5 to ship each cup, but going with Amazon means all of our customers get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25 (or if you are an Amazon Prime member)!  This is a phenomenal deal and will really help people out a lot during the upcoming Holiday season.

And with that, we hope you enjoy the remainder of your summer – make sure to get some last-minute grilling in!


The Humerus Wares Team