Now Available – Made in USA Coffee Mugs

Made in USA Coffee MugsWe would proudly like to announce that we have been able to source mugs that are made in the USA!

As a family and a company, we feel it is important to keep things “at home,” so to speak.

Unfortunately, that’s not always an option, but we are thrilled to have found a source for high quality mugs that are made right here in the United States.

These new mugs will retail at $17.99 via our Etsy store, and all components (yes, even the ink we use) is made in the USA.

Due to the cost increase of the USA mugs, we will be keeping the imported mugs in stock to have a budget-friendly option available as well.

We’ve set it up so that for each mug design, you may select whether you would like the Made in USA mug or the imported option.

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