The Best Iced Coffee Recipe

I am pleasantly surprised at how often I get a request for a good iced coffee recipe so I decided I would just post it here so everyone could have access to it.

Let’s revisit Toddy for a moment.  I always recommend using Toddy for any cold drinks and it even makes great hot drinks.  If you are wondering what I’m talking about – I offer a free eBook for my subscribers titled “How To Make Espresso Drinks Like a Pro” which goes into detail on Toddy and how to make it (very easy!).  Click here if you are interested!

For now, put simply, Toddy is a concentrated cold-brewed coffee that is smooth and not acidic and is perfect for cold espresso drinks.  It is easy to make and keep on hand, and is what the professionals use (as opposed to brewing regular drop coffee and then cooling it or icing it while hot which dilutes it).

Here is my best iced coffee recipe – it is quite simple.

Anna’s Iced Coffee Recipe:

1 part Toddy
3 parts cold water
Cream (if desired)
Sugar (if desired)

You simply calculate how much of the coffee portion you need.  If you like it black, you would want to leave a little room for ice but that’s it.  So for a 16oz drink, I would calculate for 12 oz of coffee portion (3oz Toddy, 9oz cold water, topped off with ice).

If you want cream, just use less water.  If you like more ice, reduce the coffee portion, or with less ice you increase it, and so forth.

If you like sugar in your iced coffee, simply measure out your desired amount and mix it with a little hot water until it is dissolved.  Add it to your cup with the Toddy and make sure it is well blended in before you add your water.

Always add the ice last! Adding it first can cause the ice to melt if your ingredients aren’t super cold.

And that’s it!  It’s really just Toddy and water.  And again, if you’d like a quick lesson how to make Toddy, click here to sign up and I will send you the eBook for free.  And there, my dears, you have my best iced coffee recipe.


Anna Bailey