We’re Growing!

Anchorman Coffee MugEarlier this year, I was having a discussion with someone about our products and the direction that we wanted to go.

You see, we have always wanted to be able to buy blanks and do our designs in-house but couldn’t afford the expensive equipment.

That, however, has changed.

Thanks to modern technology, we are able to get the necessary equipment to affordably make our own decals out of outdoor rated vinyl.

Why is this awesome?

Because now we have the ability to do multiple colors without it being cost prohibitive, and with the flexibility of buying blanks instead of cases of individual designs.

With this we have been able to expand our product offering to not only tumblers, but regular coffee mugs, pint glasses, and very soon some reusable Red Solo Cup lookalikes.

One huge benefit to doing this is that we have the ability to customize, personalize, and especially field test way more new design.

New Stuff

We are currently testing out new offerings as well, including some very sleek stainless steel tumblers and hot cups.

We’re also looking at non-drinkware items like cell phone cases, decals, t-shirts, hoodies, and even Christmas ornaments.

Since we made this change, we have decided to take our store from Amazon.com and put our items on Etsy.

We did some preliminary offerings on Etsy a few months ago and the response has been so tremendous that we are adding new products left and right

Let’s Make a Deal!

We’ll also be making an announcement about a very special Etsy Grand Opening sale shortly but we are really excited about this new direction.  It allows for much more creativity on our end, and a better experience on the customer’s end.

Click here to view our Etsy store.

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